First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen


Reading this was deeply satisfying-like scratching an itch. I love her books and this one was highly anticipated-taking place 10 years after her first book, Garden Spells, and about the same family in the same town. I loved the magical abilities of the family, and how everything fit together and worked out. It was perfectly enchanting and made me want to go back and read Garden Spells (since I don’t really remember it at all.)

The Waverly sisters are waiting for the first frost, which is when the special tree in their back garden will bloom-it’s magically out of sync with nature’s calendar. As usual strange things are happening leading up to it. Claire is the sister who could cook things which would have a magical effect on the people who eat them.  (I do remember that from Garden Spells.) However, she’s given that up in favor of an astonishingly successful candy business (the candies have an effect, too.) A somewhat sinister skulking about con-man adds an air of suspense to the story.




One thought on “First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

  1. I pre-ordered this but haven’t read it yet. Need to re-read “Garden Spells” first. I will pre-order any book this woman publishes. My favorite is “The Sugar Queen” because of that thing with books…..

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