The Future for Curious People by Gregory Sherl

Sherl_CuriousPeople_zoe_green_fulljacketThe main character is a librarian and the premise is that there exists a machine that you can get hooked up to and see your future in 15 years with a particular person to decide if the relationship is worth staying in. Obviously I was going to read this. The story is told from both Evelyn and Godfrey’s points of views. They each go to Dr. Chin’s office for the “envisioning”, but for different reasons. Evelyn can’t seem to stop going, easily breaking up with guys because of what she sees. Godfrey has just proposed to his girlfriend Madge who won’t definitively say yes until they’ve had an envisioning and can see that the future is good. By the way, I was telling someone about this book’s concept and the person said “my goodness! No one would ever get married!” Exactly.  And you’re only getting a glimpse so can it really tell you the whole story? Godfrey’s view of his and Madge’s future is rather gloomy, but they have a chance to fix it.  The only thing is, he keeps seeing someone a bit better in his visions-Evelyn.  Clearly Evelyn and Godfrey are meant to be together, but whether or not they will get there is up in the air.

I really liked this. So wonderfully weird in concept (I love movies with concepts like this too). I also liked Evelyn’s friend Dot, who compulsively steals things in an almost adorable way.


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