Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

sistersThis is the sequel to Smile, and just as heartfelt. This time the focus is on Raina’s relationship with her sister Amara, specifically during a long family road trip to Colorado.  Although it covers some sensitive stuff, like the family’s growing pains in a small apartment, sibling rivalry, and parental woes, it actually didn’t feel as heavy as Smile.  I couldn’t quite place where this fit in chronologically with Smile, but Raina had braces in it so it is in that timeline.
I loved the road trip details, but for me the big standout is the snake story. Given that I am terrified of snakes and the drawings of Raina with giant terrified eyes is pretty much me.

Another winning book by Telgemeier. I’d read anything she writes & draws-she perfectly captures the sweet and sour feelings of adolescence.


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