Spoiled Brats by Simon Rich

I did not love this as much as the previous two books of his that I read. That said, I laughed out loud plenty of times.  As the title might suggest, there is lots of commentary on spoiled brats, and privileged millenials. Consequently, a lot of the stories feature incredibly unlikable characters. Nonetheless, their unlikability is pretty funny.

In a stand out story for me (and the longest one), Sell Out,  a man falls into pickle brine and is preserved for 100 years. When he wakes up it’s 2014. This hard-working immigrant is matched up with his great great grandson, Simon Rich (all the characters are named that which cracks me up), who is just an awful guy. With just 7 cents the old sets out to make millions. His work ethic and lack of understanding of modern ways resonates with Brooklyn hipsters in many funny exchanges. Ultimately Herschel is really just as much of an ass as Simon, but oh the trip there is so funny. Dumb hipsters abound in the stories, too. The Elf on the Shelf story is disturbing (especially read post-holidays). Played Out features a guy so in search of the hippest thing that he is living in a sewer.

I really liked the last story, Big Break, which was a great end to the collection.  A bunch of guys who just know they’re going to make it finally are super excited by the talent agent that comes to their show, but they’re in for a surprise when they find out who he really is.

If the last book had love as a theme, this one has “growing up and getting a real job” as a theme. It’s a concept in most of the stories, always poking fun at the characters.

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