Tune: Vanishing Point (#1) and Still Life (#2) by Derek Kirk Kim

tunePaul has gotten it into his head that he would like to read everything published by First Second (our go-to favorite graphic novel publisher), which means we came home from the library last week with a big stack of comic books, including these two by Derek Kirk Kim, whom we both really like and yet didn’t even know about these newer titles.

As to be expected, I loved these. Andy Go is a would-be illustrator studying at a college of visual arts. But, much to the chagrin of his Korean mother, he drops out (ai gooo!!!!) Not surprisingly this is not a good move. So now he’s unemployed, doesn’t have school to go with, and still hasn’t made a move on his friend Yumi, whom he secretly loves. But then he finds and reads Yumi’s journal and sees that maybe she does feel the same way!! Could his whole life be about to get better? When he gets a strange job offer and accepts it it seems like maybe everything is going his way. Until he finds out the reality of the job.  I’ll stop there because I thought this was filled with wonderful surprises so I’ll just say that book #2 continues them and I was super bummed that book #3 doesn’t exist yet because I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Funny, quirky, and Kim’s storytelling is really exactly the kind of graphic novel I like.


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