A Good Year for the Roses by Gil McNeil

rosesI picked this up last week thinking it would be just right for Christmas week-soft and British, inherited estates, by the sea, etc. I later found out that the reason it was on my to-read list is because my friend ML loved it and described it as a wonderful book in which “absolutely nothing happens.” And I have to agree.  Molly inherits a lovely estate by the sea, on the condition she not sell it and let her dotty old uncle continue to live there (the deceased was her aunt.) Molly’s family has a hotel, but her revolting father and brother are money hungry pompous asses who leave Molly and her mother out of it. Molly and her 3 boys move into the grand old house and begin to make it over to make it a more worthwhile B&B. The star attraction is the humongous rose garden. And that’s basically it. Everyone drinks gallons of tea and cocktails, the house comes with devoted servants, and it’s all just very warm and cozy.  Very little conflict to be resolved. It could have been a bit shorter for my taste given that nothing was happening, but that’s ok.


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