What in God’s Name by Simon Rich

simonHilarious! As I mentioned previously, Paul had brought home Simon Rich’s two newest things. I opened this up and didn’t even know what it was about (I thought it was a collection, like the other.)  Imagine my delight at discovering the book is set in Heaven, which God is the CEO of. Craig and Eliza are angels in the miracles dept, which is somewhat lowly.  I love books set in heaven, or portraying God and angels as extremely human people (The Second Greatest Story Ever Told is one of my all time faves), and this one is especially hilarious. God has decided that the investment on return for this Earth project is pretty lousy and he ought to give it up.  Besides, he’d rather open a new Asian fusion restaurant.  So, he decides to end Earth.  Craig and Eliza are appalled–they’ve really become fond of humans and their lives and how they can help them when they need miracles.  They strike a deal with God–if they can answer two prayers asking for a man and woman to get together he won’t destroy Earth.  It seems like it ought to be easy given that the man and the woman have each individually prayed to be with that person. But then Eliza And Craig look in on them and discover that, well, they are a couple of losers who are terrible at picking up on hints and opportunities. They are perfectly suited for each other, but it seems impossible to get these two together.  I loved all the details, such as the computer program that lets them watch any thing that ever occurred and which all the Angels use solely for procrastination. Very funny, very fast, and quite charming.


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