The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories by Simon Rich

lastgirlSimon Rich is hilarious. It’s been a while since I thought of him, but an appearance on some late show had Paul looking up what he’s done lately and bringing home his two newest works.  This one is a collection of thematically related stories, vignettes, jokes.  Divided into three sections (boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl) the stories all work together well.  Some of the stories are typically clever and funny  and others are straight up cuckoo and funny.  I didn’t outright dislike any, making this a very solid even collection.  Stories include sirens living in the Gowanus Canal; God’s girlfriend getting mad at him on the phone when she can hear him continuing to work while supposedly listening to her boring work story (“Let there be elephants.” I heard that!); Girlfriends acting mean because of defective parts; Dog Missed Connections, and more. I laughed out loud a lot during this, so be forewarned should you be reading this on a morning commute or airplane right.


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