Famous Baby by Karen Rizzo

famousI really liked the premise of this book, though the execution not quite as much. In fact, by the last quarter I was ready for the story to end and did some fast skimming. The idea is that 18 year old Abby is famous because her mother has made her entire career out of writing about her daughter. Every little thing Abby did, from being born, to getting her period, to cute or funny, or traumatic, things of childhood and adolescence her mother has written about on her famous blog.  Naturally Abby has rebelled by running away and ceasing contact. She is actually living near her grandmother and ultimately steals her grandma from the nursing home.  Abby has figured out that her dying grandmother is going to be the next big thing on her mother’s blog, with every bit of her demise recorded, and she doesn’t want that for her grandmother. The narrative alternates points of view between Abby and her mother, Ruth.  Although I normally like that, I didn’t really like it for this story.  Also there are two “mysterious” subplots occasionally mentioned, but I felt like they were not really developed enough and yes you found out what the mysteries were at the end, but it didn’t feel big by then (although the one is meant to explain Ruth’s obsessive need to publicly document everything about her life.)
Initially I was really interested in this whole idea, given that I’m someone who keeps a blog and it very much is a public journal of my family life. But I quickly realized that mine is nothing like Ruth’s and I’m pretty sure my kids won’t grow up and be embarrassed, horrified, or recognized because of it.


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