Althea & Oliver by Cristina Moracho

alatheaAnother catch up on a book I read a while ago.  A terrific YA with a fresh take on a familiar theme—a boy and girl have been close friends since childhood and one wants the relationship to turn romantic, the other isn’t ready.  First of all, Oliver and Althea actually address it, fight about it, but still love each other. Second, there is the issue of Oliver’s condition-he periodically falls asleep for weeks at a time. Doctors can’t figure it out and Oliver is in and out of his life, leaving Althea with cliff hangers and opportunities to make some bad decisions involving fighting, sex, drinking & drugs.  When Oliver leaves town without telling her to go to New York and check in at a hospital for observation Althea goes to find him. In New York,  Althea is on her own, broke, and practically homeless. Althea has to use this time to figure out who she is without Oliver and what to do with herself.


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