The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell

jewell2Continuing the Lisa Jewell streak…. this was super. I loved how she connected the different points of view and make a full story out of the pieces, which is not unlike how the characters put together the bigger pictures of their own lives. Three young people all find out that they were conceived by an anonymous sperm donor.  Some have always known, for others it’s a shock, but as young adults over 18 they all now have access to a registry and can find out if they have siblings (they do-it’s them.)  So, we meet these characters (Lydia, Dean, and Robyn) and find out about them and what their lives have been like, and then how it affects them to consider meeting the previously unknown siblings, as well as the father.  As for the donor dad, he is in a hospice, dying.  His close friend takes it upon herself to have him connect with these children before he dies.

There’s a bit of anticipation–will they meet him before he dies? where is the 4th sibling? but mostly you are caught up in each of the character’s own stories and not too worried about how they will connect. I gave this 4 stars on Goodreads but if they allowed fractions I might rate it a little higher. Though I don’t know because I found Robyn a rather unlikable character, and goodness knows Dean had some serious personality flaws (but was more likable), and I found the subplot with Lydia’s personal trainer, Bendiks, rather odd. So I guess I’ve just talked myself in to keeping it a 4!

Overall-a good solid story with lots of emotion.

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