The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee

glassThis book had two things combined that I love-a magical element and food. In this case Portia has inherited “the knowing” from her grandmother.  It means she gets an overwhelming urge to cook or bake something, does so, and then the right person shows up needing exactly that food. Or, she might get an image of a particular food and that helps her to know something else. I love that idea and enjoyed all the parts of the book that had to do with that. However, the romance angle I just didn’t find very compelling and the male love interest, Gabriel, was decidedly unappealing to me!
Portia is from Texas and was a perfect politician’s wife, suppressing her knowing. But then her husband cheats on her and leaves her without a future there. Downtrodden and dejected Portia goes to NYC to live in the bottom apartment of a townhouse that once belonged to her great aunt. The two upper apartments have been bought by a man named Gabriel, who lives there with his two teen daughters since his wife died. It’s all instant attraction and frankly unbelievable conversations and statements. And the usual reluctance, perceived betrayal, win back, blah blah blah.  I really didn’t love this though I loved the premise and the magical bits.


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