Landline by Rainbow Rowell

landlineThe entire concept of this book was so appealing to me as it verged on time-travel. A woman  picks up the old phone in her mother’s house (in her old bedroom) and calls her husband, who is visiting his parents at their house, but when her husband answers it’s her husband 15 years ago who answers!  Georgie is a tv writer in LA. She’s got her wonderful husband Neal, who is a stay at home dad to their daughters. Her writing partner is Seth, and she’s been with him since college. Seth and Georgie are pretty successful but they are on the brink of getting the green light for their own show that they’ve been developing and dreaming of since college. The only problem is they need to get 4 scripts ready for a December 27 meeting and Georgie is supposed to go to Omaha with Neal and the kids for Christmas. Neal goes, she stays, and the cracks in their marriage loom large. Georgie ends up at her mother’s house where she calls Neal to say hello and that she still loves him, but that’s when she gets 15 years ago Neal, which was another turning point in their relationship.  She’s not sure if she’s going crazy or what, but she can’t stop talking to him and trying to pre-emptively make things better in their marriage.
For a book that could have been nothing but boring gloomy relationship talks, I found this actually quite fast paced and I really liked it a lot. The concept was enchanting, I was rooting for Georgie and Neal, the tv business is like catnip to me, and Georgie’s mother and sister are hilarious characters (her mother has a penchant for younger men, has a 40 year old husband, and tells her daughter she is sensual.)


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