Friendship by Emily Gould

friendshipI thought this was beautifully written. In fact, I think Gould is such a good writer-creating striking sentences that sharp and moving-that the writing seemed almost better than the story itself.  That said, I did like the story of the changing friendship between Amy and Bev, two young women trying to make a go of it in NYC.  They’ve been through good times and bad together, but most of the story focuses on when they both end up going through their roughest patches at the same time. And truly broke, down on their luck hard times. The friendship becomes strained because they can’t give each other the help they need and because Amy basically freaks out over Bev’s unplanned pregnancy more than Bev herself does.  Amy veers into “unlikable main character” territory, but not completely.
I just read someone else’s review on Goodreads who only gave this 3 stars and said the story was somewhat forgettable. I actually gave it a full 5 stars (!) because I thought it was so well written and did dare to poke the unhappy sides of friendship.

p.s. I kept picturing Amy and Bev and Ilana and Abbi from Broad City.


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