Cure for the Common Breakup by Beth Kendrick

breakupA light romance, contemporary, not exactly the sort of thing I usually go for (it seemed more vulgar than light-hearted sexy fun) but I enjoyed it enough.  Summer is a flight attendant who doesn’t like to be tied down to any one person or place, but a plane crash and near proposal find her re-evaluating things. She heads to a charming seaside town known for being the place to go to after a breakup.  All the residents and establishments cater to weepy women and they all take to Summer right away. In no time at all she’s ingratiated herself to the community, taken on the bitchy lady, decided to get the hunky mayor for herself, and taken on the meanest, nastiest, richest old lady who controls the whole town.  It’s all a little too easy, unbelievable, and lucky, but it would suffice for a quick summer read. (I gave it 3 stars.) p.s. regarding the cover: the kids were so interested in that mile high ice cream cone but once I started looking at it (we were making up flavors for each of the mostly improbably colors) all I could think was that the food stylist actually used Play-Doh to make the “ice cream” scoops and I could only that whenever I looked at the cover. What flavor do you think that intense forest green would be?


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