Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding

bridgetWhen this came out last year I simply refused to read it. Even when two friends read it I said I simply wasn’t going to read a Bridget Jones without Mark Darcy in it. But then I was at the library this week and there it was on display in the new books and I thought, “if I didn’t care that much that the mother in How I Met Your Mother died, maybe I could just enjoy this book for having Bridget in it.” And indeed, that was the case.  Right away I was transported back to good old Bridget. It felt like 15 years ago reading and laughing with her and Tom and Jude and the terrible scrapes she gets into. Sure, she’s 15 years older and dealing with having young children, but so am I! (actually, she is older than me.) As for Mark? It’s terribly tragic that Bridget is a widow and it’s like Helen Fielding tapped right into my greatest fear so I was a bit sad throughout reading it, and did cry a few times. But it’s handled really well and you are able to laugh at Bridget getting sucked into the world of Twitter (or course she gets drunk and tweets) and naughty texting with her much younger boyfriend. There is a handsome man at her children’s school who she always seems to be in embarrassing situations in front of.  I thought this very much mirrored her relationship with Mark in the first book.

Overall, I really liked it and it felt comfortable and familiar to having fun with Bridget again.


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