The Last Forever by Deb Caletti

foreverI’ve really enjoyed the one or two other books I’ve read by Caletti and was surprised to see just how many she’s written that are out there just waiting for me. Unfortunately I didn’t love this as much as I wanted to, despite a very interesting clever angle.  Tessa’s mother has died just six months before, leaving her and her dad somewhat adrift. The one thing she clings to from her mom is a plant, Pixie, that her mom has managed to keep alive her whole life, which was grown from a stolen seed of an extinct plant. At least, that’s what the story is.  A spontaneous road trip leaves her on the small island her dad grew up on where her estranged grandmother lives. And then he up and leaves, leaving her to deal with her grief, unknown surroundings, etc on her own.  And of course there’s a boy. And the fascinating quest is to have the Pixie’s seeds sent to the vault in Iceland (?) that houses thousands of seeds of all kinds should the world need to start again.
Although that angle was interesting the whole thing seemed a little slow to me and I didn’t find it super compelling. Disclosure, though–my dog died halfway through the book and frankly nothing could hold my attention and now it has a terrible connotation for me.


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