Three Weeks with Lady X by Eloisa James

ladyxEloisa James, hands down, is one of my very favorite historical romance authors. (I’d say she and Mary Balogh are tied for first place.) Somehow this books is the 7th in a series which I’ve either not been reading as a series, or didn’t realize was a series, or haven’t read the past 6 books. Who knows? Doesn’t matter. This was wonderful.Lady Xenobia India is that very rare creature-a woman with a profession. That would make her a total outcast but she is technically nobility and she has helped out many prominent families. She’s part professional organizer, life coach, and interior designer. Need a room redesigned, have shifty maids, and a lousy cook? India comes in and fixes it all up. She’s also drop dead gorgeous, of course. Her latest job is a big one-a duke’s bastard son has just bought a country estate. He needs the entire thing refurnished and made to look like he’s a true heir apparent, instead of a bastard. It’s all in the name of impressing the mother of the woman he’s decided to marry (Lala-a lovely girl whom everyone believes is a simpleton.) Of course feisty Thorn and India are perfect for each other-brutally honest, verbally sparring, enjoying matching wits, and super sexy.
I loved the details of making the household run and decorating it (ordering furniture directly from Mr. Sheraton), as well as the whole idea that she’s behind the invention of the rubber band (author’s note explains how she played with actual facts to make this work.) The other historical aspect was fascinating was Thorn’s childhood years as a pauper along the river Thames, under the control of a cruel master who had him and other boys known as “mudlark”, swim in the river to find anything that could be sold. The descriptions of what they swam in were stomach turning.  The sexiness level of this particular book seemed to be up several notches from previous books. I can only assume that Eloisa and her Italian husband Alessandro, have an incredible sex life.


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