The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks

[Hub reading challenge; Great Graphic Novels]

superheroI was about ready to throw in the towel with the challenge-my library system doesn’t have 3 of the good looking graphic novels, a lot of the other books are very long and frankly, depressing looking.  But then, to my surprise, Paul brought home Faith Erin Hicks’ The Adventures of Superhero Girl last night. I was surprised and assumed I must have asked him to look for it at his library, but no. In a wonderful coincidence he happened to see it at his library, recalled that we liked Faith Erin Hicks (Friends with Boys) and checked it out. He graciously let me read it first 🙂

This was super. I really loved it and am thinking that I will have to make an effort to get a hold of everything else she’s written (again, my library system only has one of her titles.) Not just funny and clever, but also rather sweet and relatable. Superhero Girl is a young woman just trying to make a go of being a superhero. She fights ninjas, helps people, but superheroing just doesn’t really pay. So she has trouble making the rent, and other troubles too-like a superhero big brother who everything thinks is terrific, trouble making small talk at parties, etc.  But really I just thought it was all so funny and delightful and expressive. I loved how being a superhero was a job-as best illustrated when she’s at the grocery store and sees a bad guy that she fights. They awkwardly say hello and then she mutters that she hates seeing people from work at the store. Because it’s weird! We all know that! And so funny to think they same would be true for them.

Oh how I hope there are future volumes of this. And I would consider adding this to our library just so that we don’t forget it and have it around for the kids to read when they are a bit older.

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