The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot

brideAnd finally, the last of my week of reading fun fiction. I love Meg Cabot’s books. She’s a fun writer and her characters are always much more witty than any person could be in real life, yet they seem like they could be friends with you.  So, the thing about this book is that it’s the fifth Heather Wells book.  So not only did I miss #2,3, and 4 (having apparently only read the first one), but I also seemed to have forgotten a very large part of Heather’s story-that she was once a superstar singing sensation, alá Robin Sparkles. I also didn’t remember any boyfriends, ex or otherwise. I’ll bear in mind that I’ve got three unread books to choose from the next time I want a nice fun mystery.

So, Heather is a residence hall asst. director in NYC. She’s engaged and planning her wedding, but of course there’s a murder and she’s inclined to solve it.  I love the mix of residence hall stuff with her own adult life, plus the mystery. Though I will say that I think it’s time to lose “size 12/size 24” titles.  The first one worked, but now it just seems silly and irrelevant.


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