The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

timeI’ve had a prepub of this for a while and been dying to read it. I finally got to pick it up yesterday and it’s an engrossing, zippy, not-too-long read, so I’ve already finished it.  Here’s the premise in a nutshell and you will see why I wanted to read this: time travelers escape a future that has been ravaged by global warming and pandemics by travelling to 2014, where despite strict rules, one of the teens falls for a time native.  It’s like Brashares just made a list of things I like and stuck them all together. And you know? That works for me.
An attempt to identify a pivotal moment and change the damned future? Check.
A realization that the pills you are made to take every day are not for your “health and safety”? Check. (Dude-NEVER take the health pills. They are always controlling you!)
Uncanny surveillance which makes your growing intimacy with another and realization that things are not as they seem quite dangerous? Check.
One day of happiness where you both get away from it all and pretend the world doesn’t hinge on your actions? Check.

I loved this. It reminds me of After Eden, The Clearing, and Across the Universe. I had forgotten (until I searched “time travel” among my books read) that Brashares had written My Name Is Memory, which I had liked as it was romantic and incorporated not exactly time travel, but reincarnation and a time travel feel.  Much as I loved all the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books when they came out, I really love this direction she’s going in and hope she writes more stories like this.


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