Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

[Hub Reading Challenge, PPYA]

necromancerDespite being tickled pink by this title and hearing great things about this book, it’s yet another that I just never got around to reading before now. So thanks, reading challenge for having it be a title this year, because I’m so glad I read this finally.

Sam is living a typical unfocused young adult life-college didn’t work out, he’s working fast food, he has a dinky apartment, and some good friends (Brooke, Frank, and Ramon.)  But then one day a creepy guy exuding power walks into Plumpy’s and everything changes.  The sinister guy has his sights set on Sam, who can’t figure out why and ends up being attacked in the parking lot. As if that’s not enough, the following day Brooke’s beheaded talking head is delivered to him. For real.  Werewolves, necromancers, and other not quite human people apparently are a part of Seattle Sam never knew about and for good reason. His witch mother (what? My mom’s a witch?!) knew he was a necromancer and hid his magic from him. But now the evil guy, also a necromancer, has sensed Sam’s latent powers and wants to eliminate him.

This was smart, funny, creepy but not scary, and I just loved it.  An excellent several years pre-cursor to shows like Grimm (and reminds me a bit of the short-lived show Reaper.)

And, in a rare comment from me, I hope there’s a sequel because I’d love to read more about Sam and his friends! And since Goodreads calls this #1, I assume there is another for me to go put on hold right now.


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