A Midsummer Bride by Amanda Forester

midsummerAmanda Forester brings back Madame X, the mysterious matchmaker to the ton, in A Midsummer Bride.  Marchford, his dowager grandmother, and her companion Penelope Rose are at it again. Penelope and Marchford with their growing attraction to each other, the dowager with her usual crankiness, but with her own backstory of love this time.  Marchford continues to be engaged in helping finding spies and get England to fight back against Napoleon.  Which is all delightful and very good, but what about the main romance? Marchford’s friend Lord Thornton is hosting a house party at his castle in Scotland.  Everyone who is anyone is there because all the eligible women want to marry Marchford. Meanwhile Thornton’s mother’s bad gambling has made them on the brink of ruin. Thornton refuses to marry for money. Enter Harriet-an American heiress who enjoys chemistry and is seen as completely odd for both of those reasons. Harriet is in England for the fascinating reason that the ship she was on was overtaken by the British who pressed everyone into service. Fascinating history! Actually, I really like how well the history is put into this historical novel. And it’s not often that an American character is introduced and it was really interesting to see just how different she was from the English ladies, and how put off English culture was by American culture. Harriet’s grandfather would like to see her wed so that she remains in England, but Harriet feels she can’t marry anyone.  Things I liked-the history, the chemistry experiments, the lack of confusion between Harriet and Thornton as their attraction grows, the fact that he’s Scottish and often speaks like Jamie in Outlander complete with saying Sassenach. Looking forward to whatever the next installment in this series is.  Superb historical romance!


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