Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

allenWhen I was adding this on Goodreads I caught a glimpse of two Goodreads friends’ reviews. One felt that it lacked something her other books had, but the other said it felt like coming home to read one of her books again. I think I’m in the latter camp on this one and gave it 5 stars.  I really enjoyed it-the touch of magical, the characters, the setting, the way the whole story pieced together, the enchanting cover, and even something at the end that made me gasp aloud.  I like her writing so much and it’s been quite a while since I’ve read anything by her (and the afterword let me know it’s because she has breast cancer and has been dealing with that. So glad to read she is in remission.)

After her husband dies Kate sleepwalks through the next year, letting her domineering mother in law, Cricket, make decisions and care for her and her daughter, Devin.  The story begins when Kate “wakes up” and is supposed to be moving in with Cricket.  While packing she finds a postcard from Lost Lake, from her great aunt Eby.  The card had been sent after a visit to the lake when Kate was 12.  It was the most wonderful two weeks of her childhood, but she was not allowed to return. In fact, her mother never even let her see this postcard. Inspired and suddenly motivated Kate and Devin spontaneously drive to Lost Lake to reconnect with Eby. Eby is on the brink of selling Lost Lake (a run down cabin resort around a swamp lake) and uncertain of her future.  Lost Lake sounded marvelous, as did the strange characters who stayed there.  I loved the bits of magical realism, as well as Eby’s own story of her youth. Really wonderful.

One thought on “Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

  1. I had pre-ordered this so got it on the day it came out. I will continue to pre-order any new book she comes out with. Really enjoyed this! My favorite of hers remains “Sugar Queen”, however.

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