Emily Goes to Exeter by Marion Chesney

exeterI went to the library the other day and in the spirit of my 2014 reading resolution allowed myself to enjoy actually browsing the shelves and choosing something to reread.  I had remembered how much I loved the Marion Chesney Regency romances-the first Regencies I read, and one of my first forays into adult books as a teenager. While I did not remember this specifically I assume that I read it, but who knows-she has several series. This is #1 in the Travelling Matchmaker series.  Hannah is an older woman (40s or 50s-ancient in those days) who has risen through the ranks to become head housekeeper of a grand house.  Unfortunately, her employer dies and all the servants must find new posts.  Fortunately, to Hannah’s surprise, she has been rewarded for her devotion with 5000 pounds-enough to buy a cottage and never work again.  But what Hannah has always wanted is to travel on the coach and explore England.  She buys a ticket for the stage and promptly gets thrown into adventure.  The coach crashes, plus there’s a snowstorm, and everyone is trapped inside an inn.  Hannah takes charge, including matchmaking between a spoiled flighty young woman and a handsome titled man.  There’s attempted murder, hijinks, and all that you might expect in this sort of quick read historical.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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