Hero by Alethea Kontis

After a promising start to the new year of reading, according to Goodreads I’m already one book behind schedule! That’s because I was trying to read a book for review that I just didn’t enjoy and felt too guilty to read other books during that time. Given dispensation to stop reading it I was able to turn my attention to a book I was eager to get to-Hero, the sequel to Enchanted. (and btw, I’ll next be turning my attention to the YA reissues Paul bought me a subscription to-Me and Fat Glenda here I come!)

heroI really loved Enchanted and was excited to read the next story of a Woodcutter sister-this one is about Saturday, who is strong and tall and not blessed with magic of her own. Saturday’s big adventure begins when she accidentally uses magic to flood the land. Various things happen and she ends up in the tallest mountain in the world, locked inside it with a boy who’s been held there under a curse for years. This is where the heart of the story takes place and, unfortunately, I just couldn’t warm to it. It’s like I felt as claustrophobic as they might, living inside a mountain that smells of brimstone. It could be that I just couldn’t picture it as a living space or how they managed to stay alive? It could be that in the beginning I thought it was but one stop in a series of adventures but it turned out to be the whole adventure? Or maybe I didn’t really understand what they all needed to do to escape.  However, I did love the characters she was with-Peregrine (the cursed boy) and Betwixt, a chimera who could change form.  Like Enchanted it was well written and Saturday was a terrific strong character.  So much so, that I’m hoping the next story will be from her point of view, but I assume it will be from the view of another sister.  I really like how these books are all tying together so cleverly and look forward to more!


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