A Wedding in Springtime by Amanda Forester

weddingThis was a funny, satisfying Regency romance. And I see that there will be more in the series, so I’ll have to bear this in mind and look for them.  There are several characters all mixed up in the story: A Duke and his betrothed, Lady Louisa-an arranged marriage neither actually wants; Penelope,an independent woman who is the companion to the Dowager Duchess;  Lady Louisa’s cousin Genie; the Duke’s friend Mr. Grant.  Genie is immediately disgraced upon her entry to society when she laughs out loud when she is presented to the queen ( a hilarious scene in which she laughs at a farting footman.) Her aunt (who has presented her) is anxious to find a way to quickly marry her off. Penelope and the Dowager agree to help find suitable potential husbands for her.  Meanwhile Genie and Mr. Grant have an immediate attraction that cannot be denied.  There are also some exciting storylines involving one of Napoleon’s spies, gambling debts, and a villain creepily called the Candyman, who cages children.  Delightful.


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