The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

naturalsThis was terrific! I don’t watch crime shows on tv and have always found them super unappealing.  That said, I love Elementary and Sherlock and the amazing ways that Sherlock Holmes and his partner unravel crimes and can tell things by details that most of us never notice.  And that’s very much what this is.  Cassie is a teenager who lives with her father’s family ever since her mother’s gruesome murder five years earlier. The body was never found and the crime remains unsolved, haunting Cassie.  One day and FBI agent invites her to be part of a special program-she will live in a house with other teens who have amazing skills and they will help the FBI with cold cases.  She is told that she and the other teens are “Naturals.”  Without trying they have amazing abilities (not supernatural), in Cassie’s case she can profile people.  She knows at a glance all sorts of things about them and it’s completely intuitive and logical (just like Sherlock Holmes.)   There’s lots of bloody descriptions, but the creepiest part is the alternating chapters that use  a serial killer’s voice.  There is a serial killer on the loose and it seems there might be a connection to Cassie’s mother, which of course makes Cassie want to get involved in solving it.  This had great suspense and thrill and a good setup to what will surely be series (and yes, in this case, I approve.)


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