After Eden by Helen Douglas

edenI just finished reading this and was about to write up a nice review, went to Goodreads to grab the image and what did I see that has immediately spoiled the happy end of book feeling I was having? That it was called After Eden (After Eden #1) No. No. No. Not every book needs to have a sequel, or more likely, be part of a trilogy. This was a terrific, fast read, standalone story with a fully satisfying conclusion. I’m getting disgusted with publishers. Seriously. Ugh. But how was it? Well, it was just what I needed today. I’ve been taking a long time to read books lately and this was a nice fast one day read. Plus it has time travel. Which I adore. Eden lives in a village on the Cornwall coast. It’s her last year of school and things are pretty great, including with her best friend Connor. Then a new boy shows up-Ryan.  He’s out of her league, but wants to hang around with her.  There’s something kind of strange about him, though-he doesn’t know what pizza is or who Hitler was.  Eventually she figures out the unbelievable, that Ryan is visiting from the future. Turns out he’s on a mission involving Connor and the fate of the Earth depends on his success.  Good time travel fiction and a sweet romance, as well.


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