The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne

runawayI really like all of Hester Browne’s book so when I suddenly realized I had a new one languishing on my to-read list I had to get it right away. I really loved this. What I liked most about it was that there were not a lot of ridiculous misunderstandings (I find myself losing patience with tv/movies/books where there is a misunderstanding that people are allowed to correct when in real life you simply would) and that there was not any doubt about the two characters being in love. It was not a question of will they fall in love, but more, “how on earth can Amy adapt to this royalty business?”

Amy is from Yorkshire, a very private casual woman who is a garden designer. She has a fabulous best mate, Jo, and they have good times together.  At a party Amy meets Leo and is smitten right away. Turns out he is too and off they go on a date. It is not until a couple of dates later that Amy realizes that Leo is an actual prince (of a made up country that is like Monaco.) This book completely fed into my renewed interest in royalty (royal wedding, royal baby, etc.) and I will choose to believe ever detail is accurate.  Leo is too good to be true, but that’s ok. Amy has a terrible family secret in her past which is not revealed until near the end.  I really liked how much Amy loved her mum and dad, all the garden details, and how the book unfolded.



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