The House on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly

willowYou had me at “Irish seaside.”  Maeve Binchy-sque by the sea!  To be honest, this wasn’t as good as a Maeve Binchy, but I did enjoy it. In a small Irish village (by the sea) family drama is unfolding. Tess Powers and her sister Suki had grown up in a big fancy house that made them appear to be titled and wealthy, but really they were quite poor.  After their father’s death the house had to be sold. Tess still lives in the village where she is (now)separated with two kids.  Her sister had married up into an American political dynasty and was a well known feminist author. Unfortunately, after that, her life became a dreadful mess.  Now she is about to return to the village, Tess’s life is falling apart, and Cashel, the son of their housekeeper who is now an international millionaire and her past love, has just returned.  The story jumps around from their various points of view. The big family secrets and the misunderstanding between Tess and Cashel were not as dramatic as I thought they’d been built up to be.

I think it was a little long and ended kind of abruptly, but it was still enjoyable.

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