YALSA’s Hub Challenge: NOT finished

A quick entry here for a Hub Challenge update. I’m sorry to say that this year I didn’t finish.  There was even extra time this year compared to last year! It was so exciting that so many more people had signed up for it this year, too.  My friend Megan also didn’t finish.  We decided that it was because this year there seemed to fewer titles to choose from, and that’s because more titles were on multiple lists.  I’d already read the Alex books that I wanted to before the challenge started, so that eliminated a few possibilities, too.  I loved the MAE winner-Tamora Pierece-and thought that I would reread all the Alanna books, which I haven’t read in many years.   However, midway through I was feeling frustrated and stressed over my reading-I had things I wanted to read on my to-read list, I just started reviewing books and I had to get them read first, and I eventually decided to just let it go.  I’m ok with that.  I don’t usually like giving up on things but I decided in this case that it was better than feeling stressed about trying to do this.  I’ll try again next year for sure.  Of the titles I did read for the challenge the one that is sticking with me the most is the book about the development of the nuclear bomb-Trinity. Of course, I just wrote that and then double checked my Goodreads shelf and see that though I only read 12 books (half) for this challenge, several of them were ones that I loved-Seraphina, The Diviners, and The Name of The Star.

If I had to choose one book that the challenge got me to read that I’m so glad I did, it’s The Name of the Star.  It’s a great book and I wouldn’t have read it were it not for this.


One thought on “YALSA’s Hub Challenge: NOT finished

  1. Oh i know that feeling! I have lately been feeling stressed over my reading. Books to be reviewed, books that people have lent me, top 100 classic books that i want to read and then my own pile of books that i have been wanting to read for ages yet haven’t had time for. I’m on holidays now and am determined to read some of the books I’ve really been wanting to read but i want to enjoy them leisurely!

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