The Apprentices by Maile Meloy

apprenticesHow excited was I to find out there was a sequel to The Apothecary? Pretty darn excited, I tell you. I’m out of the loop and didn’t even know it was coming out and just happened across it on the new book shelf! This was the second book I read while on vacation and I polished it off pretty quickly and then passed it on to Paul, who also devoured it. Two years have passed since Janie and her parents left behind the extraordinary magical/scientific adventure of the first book and lost their memories of that time.  Janie has since had her memories returned to her, though she hasn’t seen Benjamin since then.  Like in the first book the good apothecary society is fighting against the bad people who favor nuclear war and using their knowledge for evil.  One of the things I liked so much in the first book was the interesting historical context and this book also has one.  Benjamin and his father are in the jungles of Vietnam helping villagers who are attacked by the Vietminh.  The Vietnam War and its origins has always been confusing to me, and it was fascinating to read about it here. The action of the story moves back and forth between Janie, working on a science experiment at her boarding school, and Benjamin, with his father in the jungle.  A kidnapping builds the suspense and action and brings them all together.  There are plenty more amazing abilities revealed through the big book they rely on. While the first book didn’t leave me yearning for a sequel, this book clearly is set up to have a third and final installment.


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