A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

grimm2I’m not sure where I recently heard about this book-a magazine? a library list? Whatever, it’s GREAT! I loved this so much and am dying to recommend it to someone, but who? I think all the kids I know are a wee bit too young for it. I imagine it would be wonderful to listen to, too, but it’s certainly too much for my five year old to be listening to in the car.

What particularly delighted me about this book were the frequent interjections by the author to the reader. Especially when he warns you that it’s about to get gross or sad or scary so young people should leave the room. All very funny. The story is the story of Hansel and Gretel, but not as you know it. Some of it you recognize, such as the candy house, but did you know they ran away from home because their parents cut their heads off? Sure, they came back to life, but it’s hard to feel safe at home when that has happened.

This is a great fairy tale with all kinds of ups and downs, frightening bits, gory bits (true to true Grimm fashion body parts get hacked off and people get boiled alive), and a wonderful ending. I really loved this and I believe he has another book that I will be getting as soon as I can.



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