Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

enchanted(Reading Challenge: BFYA)

I was completely enchanted by this book. hahaha. But seriously, I loved this. Sunday Woodcutter is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, so she is bound to be magical. They live in a world where fey abound and magical things happen. Basically they live in a fairy tale! There are fairy godmothers and enchanted nameday gifts and Sunday’s sisters are all named after the other days of the week. In the wood by an old well one day Sunday meets and enchanted frog. She and the frog fall in love and though she kisses him it does not turn him into a man. But of course he actually does and then must set about meeting Sunday in human form and having her fall in love with him that way. But alas, their families are all mixed up with bad history and curses.  What I loved so very much about this lovely story was that it was not a retelling of just one fairy tale. Instead there were bits of everything woven together-old woman and the shoe, princess and frog, Cinderella, Jack and the beanstalk, Rapunzel, and so on.

I’m a sucker for fairy tale retellings and this was a very original take on it. I loved it!

I can tell from Goodreads that this is Woodcutter #1, letting me know that the author intends to make this a series or trilogy. You know I normally hate that, but in this case it’s ok. The story ended completely, was fully satisfying, but there are so many other characters (6 other sisters who’ve all clearly got their own stories) that it would be very easy and natural to tell each of their stories.  Sort of like how Marian Keyes’ books are about all these sisters in the same family. Except when they came out people didn’t announce ahead of time first book of a big named series. It was just she wrote a book. Then the next book you were reading you were like “hey! She just referred to a sister who seems to be the person I read a last book about.” and it was all very low key and cool. That would never happen nowadays.


3 thoughts on “Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

  1. Thank you, Sarah!

    Sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead–the publisher originally only signed a one-book deal for Enchanted, and when it did so well out of the gate, they said: “Hey, didn’t you want to do more books about the other sister?”

    We only came up with a name for the series a few months ago. Let’s hope the books keep doing well so I can write all seven!! Xox

    • Wow! I’m so pleased you stopped by! And somehow it makes me really happy to know that your publisher liked this so much and that it did so well that you will be writing more. Can I put in a plug for not only stories about the sisters, but also something about how Mr and Mrs Woodcutter met and fell in love? I’m sure there is a wonderful story in there!

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