Challenge Accepted! (for 2013)

reading-challenge-logo-participant-300x240I really enjoyed last year’s Hub’s Best of the Best Reading Challenge and was really looking forward to this year’s.  The 2013 version begins TODAY and is called the 2013 Hub Reading Challenge.  It includes the same awards and lists as last year, with a couple of additions. This year the Stonewall Award and Schneider Family Book Award.  And also this year there is a very convenient list of all the eligible titles so you can check off as you go.

I’ll be keeping track here as I would with any book, but also setting up a shelf on Goodreads.  Books I’m most looking forward to and will likely start with include Bomb (which was a multiple award winner), The Diviners (which I’ve had a copy of sitting around in my room for many months),  and I may just read the Song of the Lioness quartet because I loved these books very much and was thrilled to see Tamora Pierce win the Margaret A. Edwards Award because of them. Gotta be honest-I’m not very interested in reading the Printz winner. I’m also interested in the Steve Jobs biography and Love and Other Perishable Items. And, of course, I’m looking forward to discovering some good graphic novels.

If you like reading, are always on the lookout for good books, want to expand your reading horizons, whatever-I encourage you to sign up for this challenge (just go to the original blog post and leave a message in the comments). It’s open to everyone!


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