Twelfth Night Secrets by Jane Feather

12thnightI do so love a Christmas Regency romance and every year I try to read one in December. This one had an interesting spy plot to it, though in all honesty it wasn’t that compelling. Still, I enjoyed the historical details and no historical Christmas romance would be complete without a lovely snowfall and scenes of traditional celebrations. Lady Harriet is spending Christmas with her stern grandfather and two younger siblings. Ever since her brother died things have been tough-they were so close and acted as parents to the younger siblings.  Harriet has been approached by the gentlemen her brother worked for (as a government spy) and asked to keep an eye on the gentleman who will be spending the Christmas holiday at her grandfather’s estate. Apparently he was close to her brother, but they fear he may have been the cause of her brother’s death, acting as a double agent.  Harriet is at once intrigued, but also ready to hate this man because she can’t bear to think he may have caused her brother’s death. And of course, they are attracted to each other.


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