The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

ravenI loved Scorpio Races, which I read earlier this year, so this time around I was eager to read her book regardless of cover or what it was about (I had been turned off of Scorpio Races and then was surprised by how awesome it is.) Thus, not knowing anything about it and thinking it was a straight up star-crossed lovers at boarding school book, I was completely surprised that it is somewhat supernatural. And a bit of a star-crossed lovers at boarding school. And a mystery. And X-Files-y. It was really fascinating how she put it all together. And also one of those books that you get to the end and want to start over again and see what you missed the first time through.

Because I didn’t realize there was a magical element to the story I had a couple of double takes as I started reading-wait? What? Ghosts? in the first couple of pages. It was really cool how she did blend in magical ghostly stories into a perfectly contemporary, almost ordinary story of a small town hosting an elite boarding school. I’m very curious to see what the next installment brings.


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