The Girl With Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts


This is a children’s book that my friend Renee loved when she was a child and gave to her daughter (4th grade.) Her daughter liked it so much she gave it to me to read and I have to say, I liked it too! It was so reminiscent of other books from that time that I enjoyed, like A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan.

The girl in question has recently begun living with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a little girl.  Her mom acts strange around her and she believes it’s because of her silver eyes and the strange things that tend to happen when she’s around.  She knows that she’s different and learned some time ago that she could make things move around just by thinking of it.  It’s an ability that is good for practical jokes, but has also gotten her into trouble and she really has no friends.  Then a man moves into the building who is super friendly and really interested in her.  The questions he asks make her worry she is in some danger, and at the same time she starts to piece together clues about her silver eyes and why she might have telekinesis. She also realizes that there are other children like her.  I thought the origin story was somewhat like Firestarter.  The ending is such a set-up for a cool sequel that I can’t believe there wasn’t one.  But perhaps that is the difference in a book from 1980 versus a book published today.

A little bit dated, but the story and mysterious excitement still stand up today.silver


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