I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan

illbeWhen I posted this on Goodreads a friend commented and this was my reply: Totally wonderful! I really loved it. Found it because of its inclusion in The Hub post about religious books. And I was genuinely surprised where the story went and all that it did.

Since I’m writing this a few months after reading we’ll use that as a starting point.  This was a quiet YA book-didn’t seem to have a lot hype, it has kind of a lousy cover-just the sort of thing I love! I ended up giving this 5 stars I found it so well written, engaging, and completely moving.

A girl and a boy meet and have an instant connection. The only trouble is she has a nice normal family (very refreshing) and he is mysterious.  It turns out (well, we know) that he and his brother were abducted by their horrible deranged father many years ago.  It’s a wonder they aren’t feral. Their exposure to this normal loving family is eye opening to them. And I don’t want to say too much more because as I said above it was surprising where the story went. I will say it ended up being a nail biting adventure. And also, I loved the writing in that minor characters had full backstories that informed moments and choices. I love that sort of thing.

If I was still working in a library I’d be recommending this book all over the place. I really loved it.


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