Calamity Jack by Shannon Hale

calamityAfter reading Rapunzel’s Revenge I picked up Calamity Jack, which smoothly picked up where that had left off. This one adds to the Old West-fairy tale mashup with a bit a steampunky attitude (or, at least, a few contraptions that seem to fit that, if not the vibe). Sidekick Jack is the main focus of this story, as he returns to the town from which he was soundly booted.  The bad guys seem to be taking over in the guise of “protecting” everyone from the giant ants that are wreaking havoc on the city.  Jack and Rapunzel think it all seems a bit suspicious. Here we get more elements of the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk tale-a beanstalk, a giant, the goose and her golden eggs. The same elements of adventure and fun and witty repartee are here as they were in Rapunzel’s Revenge.  These two were a nice change of pace from my usual novels and I really enjoyed them.  Hoping the fact that they are numbered #1 and #2 means there will be a #3!


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