Adaptation by Malinda Lo

adaptationI really liked this a lot. It didn’t feel like most of the science fiction type books I’ve read in the past few years, but was distinctly more X-files-y (if I may make that be an adjective.) I did mention this in my post-apocalyptic survival post, but it’s not a post-apocalyptic book.  Reese and her debate team partner (who she has a big crush on), David, are in Arizona about to fly home when all air traffic is halted due to a bunch of simultaneous fatal crashes, all caused by entire flocks of birds.  It’s so bizarre that public response is immediately panicky-there are fears of terrorism and various conspiracy theories.  Reese and David and their teacher rent a car and try to drive home, though there is chaos on the country’s roads.  In a dark stretch of highway near the famed Area 51, they have an accident after a bird flies at them.  They wake up one month later in a top-secret military medical facility.  They have healed from their wounds quite rapidly, suspiciously rapidly….  They are told that they were privy to medical advancements not available to the public yet. After a few more days they are sent home.  Reese wants life to return to normal, but it doesn’t.  Weird things start happening. I loved it that she happened to have a conspiracy theorist friend who was right on board with the strange and mysterious happenings.  This was exciting and bizarre and a kind of science fiction I enjoy. I look forward to #2!


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