Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

I loved this! I requested it from the library with really no idea what it was like or about.  It’s kind of a large book and I assumed it was a graphic novel, so brought it with me to Tabby’s dance class to fill the hour wait. Oops-you can read this in under half an hour.  It is not a graphic novel-however it is a visually told book. In fact, I put it on my to read list because I read about it here and it was compared to The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt.  I had loved Scrapbook and its visual storytelling.  While that was very vintage, Chopsticks is decidedly modern.  It is not illustrated, but includes plenty of dreamy and beautiful photographs, making this seem like the scrapbook of a film.  I feel surprised it’s not a film!  It was neat to read it and think “an actor and actress were hired for this book.” I mean, that’s pretty unusual.  The pages include photos and objects, and occasionally there are pages showing an im conversation.  It documents a beautiful love story and a piano prodigy.  I didn’t realize until I read the back of the book the cleverness of Chopsticks being a central theme and the main characters being named Glory and Francisco–the notes F and G are the ones that move back and forth, apart and together, in that tune. The only complaint I had about the book at all is that I found it completely unbelievable that there would be a “rest home” for musical prodigies. That just seemed a bit too much. Could such a place possibly exist? Unlikely!


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