Wake by Amanda Hocking

I did not love this. I read it all, but found myself skimming entire pages because all I really wanted to find out was the ending and the stuff about the sirens. So, Gemma is a beautiful teenager who loves to swim. She lives with her sister, Harper, and her dad. Her sister is very mothery to her because their own mother is in a group home after a brain injury and is now like a child. There are three new girls in town who give off a creepy, powerful, possibly evil aura. These girls seem determined to get Gemma to spend time with them.  Meanwhile there’s a whole subplot of Harper and a guy named Daniel, and then Gemma and boy next door Alex.  For once I was just not interested in the romance, or even the family story.  It seemed like there were too many stories going on here. I kept thinking “get to the good stuff!”  The good stuff would be-the three girls are sirens-when in water, body of a mermaid, they can entrance men, and they are also monstrous.  I really enjoyed the mythological aspects here and how they have survived for thousands of years.  There need to be four of them at all times and they need a fourth and have chosen Gemma. This is the first in a planned trilogy (Watersong) and I am curious to find out what happens in the next book, but I don’t know if I’ll read it.

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