The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

Due to a terrible oversight I apparently never wrote about this book when I read it last May.  That’s over a year ago, but I’ve got to get an entry in for it, not only for accuracy, but also because I loved it. Gave it 5 stars even on Goodreads! Hmmm…it’s been so long and I seem to remember writing about it somewhere, so let me check my email for some quotes that occurred at the time:

“I’m one page in to The American Heiress and I love it already.”
“I’m that way right now with An American Heiress. I’m tired of playing “now you say goo goo ga ga.  in a baby voice.   now you say achoo” when all I want to do is finish my book!!”

huh. that’s all I had? well, as you can see I did really enjoy it and it had me sucked right in.  What I loved about this was that it was historical, and a romance, but it was a different time period and different perspective than I usually read.  Typically I read romances that are set in the Regency in England.  It’s always historical and British.  But this begins over here in American with the insanely wealthy families that originally populated 5th Avenue and summered at their “cottages” in Newport, Rhode Island.  One of the young women who belongs to these families goes abroad, as many women did, to land a titled husband.  She is successful and so the story is mostly set in England, but the point of view is a rich American woman, who is totally different that a rich British woman.  I loved it when she pointed out that the big old castles were freezing cold and it seemed some weird point of pride for them to not have central heating.

This was a wonderfully engrossing story and I highly recommend it!


2 thoughts on “The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

  1. My book club listened to the audio book of The American Heiress. Some found the narrators voice very annoying. Funny how different listening to a book is to reading it!

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