Brain Jack by Brain Faulkner

Plowed through this in a day! Very exciting, fast paced book.  It reminded me a little bit of Ready Player One, just because of all the computer stuff, but it was actually quite different.

In the future Las Vegas has been obliterated by a nuclear blast.  There really aren’t a lot of “crazy future things” except that and the use of “neuro-headsets”.  These neuros are caps you wear to operate your computer-no mouse, no keyboard, you just think what you want and it reads your brainwaves and happens.  Sam is a genius hacker who attracts the attention of the Cyber Defense Division of Homeland Security.  There are many pages describing Sam’s work, which is kind of weird.  It reads like you’re reading about a group of people in fighter jets-wingman, pointman, watch my back, look out you’ve got them on your tail, I’ll repel them by throwing a blaster at them, etc.  I mean, frankly, it made literally no sense to me that it was actually describing computer things. This was one of those cases where you just read for the action and don’t even try to understand what is happening.  And it was easy to do that because it was all very exciting and dangerous feeling and I could see it like a movie in my head.  Sam and his colleagues discover an insidious threat to the entire civilization and it’s up to them to save the world before it is literally too late.

I thought the ending was kind of strange and a bit unbelievable, but I was satisfied nonetheless and recommend this.


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