Are These My Bazoombas I See Before Me? by Louise Rennison

I hadn’t been planning on listening to any of the 10 choices from the Amazing Audiobooks list for this reading challenge, but my friend lent it to me and I had four days of Tabby at “camp”, and I decided to buckle down and listen and sew.  Because it’s British and funny I right away thought of my first very good audiobook experience-Bridget Jones’s Diary.  This is the 10th and final installment in the Georgia Nicholson series and although I haven’t read more than the first three (and many years ago, at that), I had not trouble knowing what was going on.

Part of the fun of these books is how slangy and crazily dramatic Georgia is, and that came across great on audio. I think I’d like to adopt the expression “nervy B”, as in “I think I’m going to have a nervy B if you don’t stop bothering me!”

I am definitely not a very good audiobook listener– a few times I walked out of the room, answered the phone, etc. without even thinking about the fact that the story was still going on (and I didn’t even rewind because it didn’t seem like I missed anything.) I did listen during some very late night driving on an unexpectedly long car trip, and it was quite the life saver.

The narrator was fantastic and the book very funny.


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