Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Back to the BoB reading! This one is off the Great Graphic Novels list and is a very quick read.  Anya is a high school student from Russia.  She’s only got one friend, has a crush from afar on a golden boy, and is a bit embarrassed by her family’s Russian-ness.  She no longer has an accent, but her mom still does, her last name is still long, and it seems that her mom likes them to be part of the Russian community.  So while Anya is feeling a bit woe-is-me she falls down an abandoned well and is totally freaked out to discover not only an old skeleton, but also the ghost that goes with it.  During her two days stuck in the well the ghost befriends her and tells her sad story about how she ended up in the well 90 years ago and died.  Once Anya is rescued and goes home she finds out that having a little piece of the skeleton with her the ghost has accompanied her.  Now she has a new friend! But….not quite.  At this point I thought the story was going to be all about solving her murder and Anya having a sincerely great new friend.  However, the ghost is not quite as friendly and nice and altruistic as she made herself out to be and now Anya is dying to get rid of her.
This was a totally enjoyable ghost story-not too scary at all.  My oddly favorite part may have been the visit to the microfilm room at the library and the incredibly accurate drawing of a microfilm reader and how to thread the film in to read old newspapers.  Brought me right back to my very first library job days 🙂
When I got to the end I saw that the publisher was First Second–I should have guessed it. I pretty much love any graphic novel they put out!

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