Death of Riley (Molly Murphy #2) by Rhys Bowen

I didn’t do very well with my BoB Reading Challenge this week because I was so caught up in the two books I was reading.  The first was this one, which I had to read immediately upon finishing the first in the series.  Just like in the first book there is tons of historical detail that really bring  the setting to life.  And while Molly is still strong and smart, poking her nose into a mystery determined to solve it, this installment finds her in some very different situations.  She is still dealing with the family she helped bring over from Ireland, including their nasty trashy cousin, Nuala.  And when the story starts she is even more smitten than ever with police captain Daniel Sullivan.  And she is still seeking reputable work, though still sure that what she’d really like to do is help people back in the old country connect with lost loved ones here in America.  Much of that changes fairly quickly when she finds out that Daniel’s affections have strings attached.  She ends up forcing her way into working for a real private investigator, but not long after that the p.i., Paddy Riley, is murdered-not only that she actually sees the murderer.  The police don’t seem very interested in solving the case, but Molly is determined to.  Right there that’s a whole lot going on-but wait! there’s more!  Through investigating and exploring Molly ends up getting to be a part of the Greenwich Village scene (which-who knew there was one that far back?), meeting and associating with bold bohemian types and homosexuals (though it takes her a really long time to figure that out.) Womens’ rights, women drinking, gay men, nude painter models, passionate artists, and anarchists-sheltered Irish Molly learns about it all! I also really enjoyed the final scenes, set at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.  World’s Fairs and these exhibitions really sound so amazing and it’s difficult to imagine something quite like it today.
Anyway,  I very much enjoyed this sequel and look forward to continuing the series (especially because I’d really like to see Molly take on some cases that do involve finding people.) And, I still have to get back to Her Royal Spyness series (I stopped when I lost my library book, but I found and returned it, so can continue on now.)

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