Sidescrollers by Matthew Loux

Making great progress with the YALSA Best of the Best Reading Challenge! Another one of the Great Graphic Novels Top Ten list and again, a quick read.  It seems like cheating!  I have to say that I really liked this and for someone like me who likes graphic novels but will not invest a lot of time into finding ones I like, using the list is super handy.

This is about a bunch of recent high school grads who are buddies and play a lot of video games*, have crushes on girls, hate an obnoxious football guy, and are afraid of a cat.  It was super funny and I liked the frienship between the guys.  I loved the drawing style of their arms–looked like they were zipping around everywhere. And in this one day they do zip around a lot all to go to a show, get a girl, get back at a guy.

There were a couple of minor characters who two guys who play pranks and make mischief and not only acted like, but also were drawn to totally look like Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob.)

My favorite part may have been when one of the guys says, “hey you, get your damn hands off her!” which, as everyone should know, is from Back to the Future.

*just read in the Goodreads description “tranquil laziness.” Yes, that is apt.


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